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12-16-2011, 08:38 AM
Originally Posted by Gurga

How are you getting these numbers, what skills are you specked in?

My captains achieve these power levels by investing in Engineering System Efficiency and Performance skills. If I remember correctly, here are the current figures:
-Warp Core Efficiency +6
-Warp Core Potential +9
-Engine Performance +3
-Shield Performance +2
-Aux Performance +2
-Weapon Performance +3

Other Notables:
-Borg Assimiliated Console for +5 weapon energy -- this is a must-have
-C-Store Borg Engineer BO for +5 warp core Efficiency
-Trill Joined Symbiote for more assorted system bonuses
-Space Trait Warp Core Theorist (I think it grans +10 warp core potential, but not sure under Season-5)

Hope this helps