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12-16-2011, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by kostamojen View Post
Small question, if you are flying around so quickly I presume you aren't the primary damage dealer in your STF?

The massive downside of constant high speed movement and turning means you constantly leave the 2km sweet spot for Canon damage as well as leaving the 45 degree firing arc...

So the defensive bonus's for moving are offset by the offensive bonus's for staying put, meaning that a target you aren't raining down pain with 100% of your damage is going to stay alive longer, meaning you have to defend against it longer (and also takes longer for the STF to complete).
This is not entirly true. I'm in the same boat as Shar and tend to use higher speed to gain defense and (probably more important for me) maneuverability, Keeping the enemies attention is not that difficult even if you have to turn your ship, if you minimize the time as much as possible.

For escorts I tend to prefer the fleet escort and it's amazing what you can do by adding for example an RCS console or Aux2Damp, also next to the Subspace Field Modulator I'm using Engine Batteries. At some point you are literally agile enough to swing around in a second without Evasive Maneuvers, which minimizes the time the enemy is out of your main arc. You still can slow down if necessary or hit reverse. Works better than you might think.

High Yield Plasma Torps also aren't an issue here, just swing around and give them a quick burst. For emergency situations I'm using the Point Defense System from the Thunderchild.