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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
So if a thread is a zombie, dies, and then revives again, is it still a zombie?

Few points: The Borg have six transwarp nodes. Their own map of the galaxy shows that they have one in each quadrant (suggesting that two may be outside the galaxy), and conduits throughout all four quadrants. So they have as much access to the Dominion as they do to the Federation.

There's two good reasons to think they haven't assimmilated more than the oddball Jem'hadar here or there, though. The Dominion could have given them two very big advantages against the Federation:

A. The Borg don't reproduce - it's more efficient to assimilate new drones than wait for ones to grow up. However, vat-grown Jem'hadar grow up in a couple days, making for an efficient way to produce drones on demand, in the field, when assimilation efforts are failing.
B. Ketracel-White. The Federation and KDF both have pretty successful programs for removing drones from the collective, and doing so has been the key to the war against the Borg. If the Borg possessed Ketracel-White, they could effectively make their drones immune to liberation by addicting them all by distributing it during regeneration cycles. The Federation never did figure out how to replicate the stuff during the Dominion War, meaning any liberated addict would eventually die without the drug.
this makes sense.

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