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12-16-2011, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by Shar487
The escort's forward speed is only necessary until the elite tac-cube's energy levels are neutralized. After that, it's perfectly fine to engage it from a stationary point-blank position since its attacks will no longer 1-shot-kill you at that point. However, escorts are at the mercy of their team's damage mitigation builds if they bring none of their own. I routinely bring such skills to the table, and as a result, I can finish elite STF's without having to zerg-rush the cube.
Sounds good to me. I start using evasive when I need to GTFO and increasing my speeds, but the rest of the time I try to keep my shields up and attack as hard as possible.

The best group I ever had was 5x tac captains, 4 in escorts one in a cruiser. We took out that Elite tac cube in less than a minute just pointing and shooting with all of us healing whomever was taking the agro, never even needed to run for the woods. Finished the secondary with 2 minutes left on the clock.
Originally Posted by decker999 View Post
This is not entirly true. I'm in the same boat as Shar and tend to use higher speed to gain defense and (probably more important for me) maneuverability, Keeping the enemies attention is not that difficult even if you have to turn your ship, if you minimize the time as much as possible.

For escorts I tend to prefer the fleet escort and it's amazing what you can do by adding for example an RCS console or Aux2Damp, also next to the Subspace Field Modulator I'm using Engine Batteries. At some point you are literally agile enough to swing around in a second without Evasive Maneuvers, which minimizes the time the enemy is out of your main arc. You still can slow down if necessary or hit reverse. Works better than you might think.

High Yield Plasma Torps also aren't an issue here, just swing around and give them a quick burst. For emergency situations I'm using the Point Defense System from the Thunderchild.
Seems like we are focusing too much on the Elite Infected Tactical cube... Thats only a small part of the overall scheme of things when it comes to STF's.