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12-16-2011, 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by Shar487
My captains achieve these power levels by investing in Engineering System Efficiency and Performance skills. If I remember correctly, here are the current figures:
-Warp Core Efficiency +6
-Warp Core Potential +9
-Engine Performance +3
-Shield Performance +2
-Aux Performance +2
-Weapon Performance +3

Other Notables:
-Borg Assimilated Console for +5 weapon energy -- this is a must-have
-C-Store Borg Engineer BO for +5 warp core Efficiency
-Trill Joined Symbiote for more assorted system bonuses
-Space Trait Warp Core Theorist (I think it grans +10 warp core potential, but not sure under Season-5)

Hope this helps
I'm running at:
W - 124 (90)
S - 73 (60)
E - 46 (25)
A - 46 (25)

My skill differences are 9 in efficiency, 0 in shields and engines, and 7 in weapons.

Items are the same minus Alien character with Efficient and Warp Core Theorist traits instead of a joined Trill.