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12-16-2011, 12:58 PM
Originally Posted by HF_Mudd
I'm still putting my new loadout together, as I just got my Qin Raptor last night. However, I expect that I'll be sticking with a mix of regular and heavy disruptor cannons up front, plus one photon torpedo. To the rear, I was planning on two turrets and the Bio-Neural Warhead (a Tricobalt torp with a targ-brain AI ) off of my free Quorgh refit - the latter is a nifty toy, which will even acquire a new target if the first is destroyed, but recharges a bit too slowly for regular use up front.

Do you think I should switch out some cannons for banks in the forward array? Any other advice?
if your talking about dual banks, i use one on my bop. and i do so love the bio neural warhead. its great to use on your first pass, specially if you were all sneaky sneaky sneak sneak before ripping them a new one. keep the cannons. they do more damage anyway the closer you get.