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12-16-2011, 12:00 PM
For KDF most ships can use cannons so you may find that you do not want to alpha strike groups as you cannot get away in time. Instead decloak when you have most opponents in the front 45 degree arc so you get the fire bonuses and let rip with cannons and DHC's along with your turrets/Bio warhead and a nice quantum or photon torp. With a decent Scatter volley and torpedo spread on the way in, most NPC targets will be dead before you get to them so long as you dont go in too fast

For bigger ships just decloak when you are parked up its tail pipe and fly at about 1/4-1/2 impulse keeping in its rear arc to let your cannons tear it to bits. This is not good v's pc's as they just tend to eject warp plasma at you but NPC's dont so..

Edit: I also found it useful when setting my cannon loadout to make sure one of my cannons was phasers to have the chance of taking out shields.