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12-16-2011, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by decker999 View Post
I'm still concerned about things that can 1-shot me, but usually High Yield Plasma Torpedoes aren't that dangerous. I already mentioned that I'm using an RCS console to enhance my turn rate and sometimes, when in the right mood even Aux2Damp. My engine power setting is usually around 40 and 50 which gives me some 60 up to more than 70 actual output. If your camera doesn't sit too close on your ship, you see them soon enough and can turn around for a quick cannon burst. For boss fights, just be outside torpedo arcs.

I could use the Automated Defense System, but I don't like to give up a tactical console slot for it. The Point Defense System is there for emergencies, which are usually when I have to catch aggro to protect another escort or take out a group of probes immediatly, not so often to shoot down an incoming plasma torp.

I'm quite sure my setup is not really better than yours, probably just geared more towards maneuverability.
I do use the chase can with it mostly always zoomed all the way out.
I think this is the best because its point and shoot. However I'm not afraid to look around using the right mouse button.

I run the defiant-r and not the fleet escort this is probably where the big difference is. I'm currently fixing up my bug setup.

Ether way if you don't need to turn or even change targets to avoid a one shot kill. Imagine what kind of difference a different console lay out would make. Not trying to convince any one just offering a different valuable setup.

I find giving up that one tac console doesn't drop my dps by much (running all energy) seeing as I'm alive longer to make up for it.

I'm curious to know how to tell which side of a turning (yes they turn now)cube is the front. I definitely could use input their.