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# 1 580 V 220 C-Store Points!!!!
12-16-2011, 12:55 PM
I just loaded my Toons one at a time, all 8 of them, and saw that we can now pick up additional DOFF Slots for each of our Toons.

When I click on the get More DOFF's Button at the Top, I see there the link to Add More Space for them as well. The First Batch of 100 Slots is 580 C-Store Points, and Immediately after Purchase of that, the Number changes to 220 Points....Great So Far....But, If I leave that screen, and go back to any other screen the Cost of the 100 Slots then Re-Sets Back to the original 580 C-Store Points......If This is NOT a BUG, Then I have to ask, What Gives with that??????

Once a player Buys the First 100 Slots at 580, then EACH of the Remaining 100 Slot purchases should remain at the 220 shown on the first Return Screen. There is the Option of purchasing them either 3 or 4 times, and once that option is chosen, then each Remaining purchase should remain at the TEASE OFFER shown on the get More Screen.

I would continue to purchase more at a later date if they are held to what the Immediate Repeat Offer is set at, but I will NOT do the 580 TWICE for any reason.