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Originally Posted by Jorricane View Post
Aren't there little infant Borg on the first or at least one of the first cubes the TNG crew beams onto? And for that matter, wasn't 7 of 9 assimilated as a child? Not arguing, just saying - canon is sometimes ludicrous.
They do mature assimilated children, but as 7 also pointed out they don't produce children of their own.

As for the infants, that was the first Borg episode, and the Borg were very different than they what they eventually became.

In that first episode, Q explained that the Borg were only interested in the Enterprise, not its crew - other organic races were something to be cast aside, but technology was something they could take and use. In that episode, the Borg were a distinct race themselves, and reproduced as such.

They were changed into something more sinister the very next time they appeared, and most of what's canon about them started from that episode, not their previous appearance.