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....and now there is a chance to get ultra-rare Doffs in that same pack? It's almost like those who supported the c-store and purchased them when they came out are getting punished for being so stupid as to purchase something from Cryptic in good faith.

People who buy them now get whatever percent chance to get one of those. I paid the same money, and got zero percent chance. That's a real slap in the face.

I guess i've learned my lesson....i'm not jumping to buy stuff on the c-store anymore.

I think the "early adopters" of the doff pack should at least get like, a random roll item that gives us the same chance to get one of those special doffs that the people who buy them now get. Odds are we would get nothing, but at least having the CHANCE that people now do would be a show of good faith. I just feel cheated that I spent the same amount of REAL money to get something, and got less for it.

Not cool, Cryptic. Not cool.