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12-16-2011, 10:20 PM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Doing some quick math based on Heretic's comment that each rarity level is 1/10th as common as the one above it, and ultra rares are 1/10 as common as normal purples:

Pre-offer: 11.97% of doff packs will have one or more purples.
Post-offer: 1.20% will have one or more ultra rares.

Unless you got a purple already, you really have nothing to worry about: You weren't in line for an ultra rare anyway - if the RNG had "rolled" high enough you would have just gotten a purple. If you did get a purple, well, there's a 1/11 chance any one of them could have been an ultra rare.

Basically, you're complaining something couldn't happen that wouldn't have happened anyway.
I've received about 12 Purples from CStore DOff packs... where does that leave me? :p