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12-17-2011, 03:16 AM
Originally Posted by maina View Post
Lol! haven't play'd many MMO's have you?

Your post sucks, nothing like a wall of text that forces me to grind (read), to make a point. Oh the Irony.....

One last thing, Grind is play, if you aren't anal about what you have.

Au Contraire Mon Ami!

I've played plenty of MMO's in my day. Galaxies from opening day till just after it was NGE'd to death, Eve Online, that Pirates one and just about everything in between. I even gave WOW a go, made it to around level 60ish and couldn't take it anymore. .

But the level of GRIND that is now in STO goes way beyond anything I ever experienced in the afformentioned examples, except possibly Eve Online. But Eve didn't necessarily feel like a GRIND at least not to me.

These new and "Improved" STF's are mind NUMBING! Even you jaded gamer, can admit that! Unless you are really ok with having to do the same missions at the very least 160 times. That's just to get stuff for ground, Personal Shield, Personal Armour, Kit and Weapon. Then, then you need to do it all over again just get the complete ship kit. So that's at least another 120 or so runs depending on how lucky you are with the drops. You are gonna tell me you are fine with that?

And the Irony of my post was just that. The Irony! of it all!!!!!