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12-17-2011, 03:17 AM
Oh yea i get a blue box out of my red aaaaand get a useless crap too Yehaa. For the Chrismas stuff i get Cakes wohoo .... seriously thats only crap u get. Blue Boxes only give u items they dont realy usefull or worth the money u spend for it ... XI Rare for my VA? I want some XII very Rare for my 18000 c i spend ...
oh or the ship ... 180 euro for crap is way too many ... and yea im dump to spend so much.
1 positiv that turn in negativ is that they take my idea of giving the Crap back to a Trader but they dont give u some c (only 1/4 of spended c where enouth to cool down the peoples) for it like i said .... what should i do with crapy gold pressed Latinium... some holoemitters they have timelimit? .... i stop playing dabo after i see that i dont have the holos permanent.. was only waste of Metrits / Energy Credits.
But hey i have a LT so i farm my 400 per month and never spend any money here , good work Cryptic.

and yea i know thats useless to post ... they dont willing to give back digital money or something usefull but i feeling better (my way of cool down)

Thumpbs up for no blue in reds!