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12-17-2011, 03:22 AM
After some time away, I returned to STO only to find it filled with bugs. A huge load more than the game started with. I guess that's why they are making the game Free To Play? A huge disappointment.

I don't know if the in-game ticket even works and honestly I don't think I care any more. We are paying customers, not beta testers. And STO is turning to a beta testing ground. I played today the episodes with the Remans, starting with the Vault, a set I completed a while back with my engineer (smoothly), before all of them were "organized" into levels. I reported 4 categories of 3-5 bugs each on a single ticket. It's that bad. And for the first time in my life I had a display issue. My ship appeared in a blue environment (single color) and got attacked by... well, blue. Only my vessel and the UI were visible.

Probably databases have issues? I can't tell. My account says I've been an active subscriber for zero days, when I've been around since pre-order!

In my humble opinion, the biggest issue is responsiveness. Abilities don't respond to keys as they should. Some times not at all. Especially in ground missions, things have gone worse. Combine it with the bugs and ground gets zero on a scale from 1 through 10. And those are core issues. The only thing that works is jump... and that's quite abrupt and unnatural. Generally, ground areas feel like ice-skating lands where people give the impression of being super-imposed like stencils.

In any case...

* When waiting for that precious torpedo to launch only to see its cooldown timer reset without that little light ever emerging
* When you stand before an enemy pointing your gun at him, only to hear click click and firing nothing for an extended period of time, while you're being 1-shot-dead
* When you get boss-scale indefinitely long debuffs from sub-ensign minions
* When secondary mission buttons (options) appear and disappear only to find out later that you that you failed something that was never there (vanished engineer objective)
* When poison spits accumulate their snare effect slowing you down for the full 100%
* When enemy ships are stuck inside walls and asteroids and fire through them while you're unable to target them...
* when, when, when, when... it all (if not all, then most) stops...

... then I may think of re-installing STO.

So yes, Cryptic people. The game has points of becoming so agitating it's unplayable

But there's the bright side! I'm glad I saw these before buying a big supply of Cryptic Points for ships, clothing etc. Well, that's money that stays in my pocket. :-)

Many companies, in their greed for high -Ferengi- profits, cut costs for support and end up losing their revenues. Real "smart" move...

Oh, I almost forgot. My computer doesn't meet STOs minimum requirements also!
I only have 2x580GTX SLI, i7 970 @ 3.2GHz, 24GB RAM and STO installed on SSD... and still taking long time to load. Maybe it's my RAM that's a problem? Perhaps because it's so big, the program loses the "fire" routines and I can't shoot!