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12-17-2011, 04:22 AM
Originally Posted by GroomLake32
While I am sure that your type of post is the first few of many many many to sounds to me like MMO's might not be your thing then?
My thread is not meant to be an "I QUIT RAGE POST". I'm simply stating my and I'm sure many other's concerns about the direction and future of STO. I'm stating that I'am not happy with the direction that I see this going, and as a subscriber I have that right. I like to play MMO's, but to me an MMO is about community, forging your own path thru the game and the world. Much like Galaxies was at launch or as another example Eve Online. Not some endless GRIND-FEST. That's not an MMO, that's insanity!! What we have now with the new STF's is insanity, plain and simple. It's the classic "Carrot on the stick".

They were barely fun before with a good group. At least before you were guaranteed a decent reward for your time and effort's.

Now they have become boring and tedious! With the nebulous hope of obtaining a decent reward for your time and efforts!

How can some of you be ok with that!?

Also the refrain "MMO's might not be for you" is being thrown about more and more as of late. Directed primarily at people like me that are becoming fed up with the new Grinder direction that STO is taking. Frankly it's becoming quite tiresome to hear. Almost as tiresome as the new STF's!

Season 5 is not a huge step forward. In some respects it's a no step. It feels more like a coat of paint covering a rusty spot on your car. Problem is the rust will always eat through eventually. For me, the rust is starting to eat through again.

They should have named Season 5 "Call to Grind"....