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12-17-2011, 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
The only thing i do not see happening is that i will get the Mk XII sets on any of my 7 Chars... which sucks.

But honestly, those STF's are out for a few weeks now, did anybody expect to have the Elite Sets by now?

Heck there aren't even proper guides out for the Elite STF's.

And i am pretty sure that Cryptic will keep tweaking them to a point where they are doable.

Just wait for the F2P folks to hit the Servers,
when 80% of the normal STF's fail they will have to bring down the difficulty and tweak the optionals to be actually doable by PuGs!

If oldschool players are angry about this stuff, just wait till this is a reason for F2P users to ragequit.
F2P players will not put up with it either.

I play WoW and am a hardcore raider.I can go into raids with my guild and within a few weeks have a full tier gear set for my tank.The reason I do not mind that kind of grind is I know that there is another expansion coming and/or more end game content coming that will need that gear I get.There is always a next tier to start working toward.There is an actual goal I can set for myself.

I can go into PVP and in a few hours get a full set of the latest PVP gear again knowing that gear will be needed for the next season of PVP.

STO on the other hand has no reason to make me even want to do a useless grind for gear that is not needed for the current content and no sign any is coming any time soon that will need it either.

I do not mind a grind if I have a reason to need to do it.STO does not give me any reason to do it.
I do not need the gear as there is no next tier of STF or any new expansion coming that needs it.