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12-17-2011, 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by ChrisWorth

I do not mind a grind if I have a reason to need to do it.STO does not give me any reason to do it.
I do not need the gear as there is no next tier of STF or any new expansion coming that needs it.

As it is, there is little to no incentive to grinding.

Frankly, I'm enjoying the DOFF system. I'm raking in ahuge amount of items and resources.

Doffs rake in loot faster than I can anyway (I cycle through my seven characters and get them all to get jobs going as often as I can).

Since S5 launch I've taken a newbie kdf to max lvl and 2 fresh lt cmdr feds to max level just by logging in three times a day and ordering all my toons to send doffs on missions.

I have to say though, I am confused. I thoguht they wanted to slow down progression speed?

OH they meant the speed you can buy gear.............

I can now max level a character in less than a week, once I hit LT8, just with the doff system. Gear?

I can buy dilithium or get it from my max gear is no problem. I can give a newb character 5000 cp of dilithium any time I want.

Tell me again how they were trying to slow down progression.......

Didn't Stormshade have a real long interview with Priority One about the need to slow down?