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12-17-2011, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by MattMiracle
I was not looking to change yours or anyone elses opinions. That is why I added the PS. I am not leaving the door closed but I am not going to try to force my "fan boy" or "what ever I might be called" ideas on anyone. Engaging in a debate is fine but it normally brings out the worst in people on the internet. This is why I just state my opinion and leave because if I really wanted a dead heat, polar opposite view, I would debate with my wife who is a different polical party than I am.

Yes, all feedback is important. I never said anything about NOT submitting feedback. I was just suggesting that instead of RAGE posts, posters could offer reasons. If your reason is that this is turning into a Asian MMO grindfest, then that is a reason. Furthermore, there is no instead of this, can we do that.

I started with you because your post mentioned people attacking the OP. If you feel that I was attacking you directly, I am sorry as that was never my intention. I just wanted to take the words you typed and say "Hey, here is my thought. If you don't like it, you can ignore me" as you had said.

I have learned through great personal struggles that once someones mind is made up, no words can sway him/her. I also am not one to try to force my beliefs (personal or otherwise) on anyone as I respect their beliefs and opinions. I can suggest things but I am not going to tell you that you are wrong and I am right.

Anyway, I would love to call you a friend Superluminous even if our opinions on the subject matter are different.


A talking point has the ability to offer up information or thought processes that can change a person's opinion. While I cannot stand a flip flopper, I wholeheartedly feel that in order to grow as a person, you must be willing to at least hypothesize an alternative to one's own ideas.

Because typing is far less natural than talking, many people boil down their ideas to the critical points, hoping that the intelligent among us, can read between the lines. I enjoy these kinds of posts, because the writer takes for granted that I am intelligent enough to get them.

A problem arises when the above statement is not taken into account when a frustrated, dramatic post is presented to the group.

What I believe the biggest problem with flaming or anger around here is people who try to save time by not fully expressing their thoughts, often inviting the troll who refuses to see that what is not said is as important as what is said. Tempers flare, trolls delight in the fury they raise, moderators blame both sides.

If you become my friend out of this, I would not be surprised. Many a good friendship comes out of two people butting heads. I would however wish to warn you than I am a person who speaks his mind and is very opinionated. I'm also suffer little patience with fools.

Lets look at this in a different perspective;

I lost my right eye in an explosion in Iraq. I've seen some of the most horrifying and disgusting things that human beings have ever done to other human beings. Because of these experiences, I don't think that anyone should hold back.

It is important to note that explosive outburts are group lessons, just as much as they are important life lessions to the individual.

While Cryptic may or may not deserve anger for the direction they have taken, I know that it is critical that they understand the depth of the seriousness of their member's thoughts on the matter.