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12-17-2011, 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by maina View Post
Lol! haven't play'd many MMO's have you?

Your post sucks, nothing like a wall of text that forces me to grind (read), to make a point. Oh the Irony.....

One last thing, Grind is play, if you aren't anal about what you have.
For someone as knowledgeable of the business as you are, It's puzzling that you choose not to follow the basics of forum etiquette, "not to be insulting to other players", when delivering you words of wisdom.
It's curious someone so obviously intellectual and learned as you, would be setting such an example for the rest of us.
Is this how you will be responding to the new players when and if they raise similar concerns? How will you ever find the time to play then?

I've been following your previous posts, (call me a fan), and I'll tell you this, for all you efforts on their behalf, I seriously hope Cryptic is slipping you a little something extra in your stipend.........

To disagree with someone's comments is one thing. to attack another poster outright is another. I'm really quite surprised and a little curious as to why you have been allowed to continue for so long..... roll eyes, roll eyes, roll eyes - ad nauseum