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12-17-2011, 11:07 AM
Originally Posted by MattMiracle

My wife has told me that for most things I want, I have the patience of a saint being boiled alive. It's the things I dont want or care for that I dont have any patience (go figure ). So does that make me a flip flopper?

No, but it makes sense.

You intrinsicly understand that anything worth having is worth waiting for, while simultaneously believing that trivial things should not take the reinvention of the wheel in order to occur.

To be honest, I beleive that most people feel the same way. Many of us, however, get skewed in how we apply this rule to a particular thing, depending on our personal mores, values, and ability to accept an unfair or unjust situation.

Straight up, Society tells me to behave, act straight, treat others fairly and justly, to obey the law as an extension of society, and to value the life of all people. As a caveman living in a sociiety, I obey these rules and do my best to adhere to the unwritten rules of how to conduct myselves in this veneer of civilzation thast took the caveman out of the cave, but not the caveman out of the man. I am told if I do all the things that are expected of me, that I will succeed in life.

So here we are, cavemen who obey the rules, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is simple cooperation.

So when something unfair or unjust occurs with the one thing that we splurge on, the one little personal sin we indulge in, the one thing tied to one of the biggest IPs of all time, we get bent out of shape. "We do the right thing, why can't they?" groupthink takes over and many people freak out.

Am I worse than those that explode for reasons they don't understand but I obviously see? I have no idea.

What I do know is that I have an inate sense of right and wrong. The OP's frustration is tangible and cuts to the quick on many levels. While little different from many other posts, it has its value, and such opinions hold merit.

I've been ready to go shopping with my wife, she has been getting reeady for like, the last hour. At least I didn't fall asleep! I'll catch you later.