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12-17-2011, 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
That is a good tip, but it is often actually difficult to figure out who is doing what during the match. And bug reports only take their screenshots when you finish writing them. YOu can't really do that in a PvP match, especially with the super-quick ending of PvP matches these days. (No time to read the PvP report even!)

Though if one actually had combat log enabled, maybe one could see more?
Here's an idea. Give pvp matches an instance number or code that registers in the playing toon's log (like Accolades do). When reporting a bug like Voldy, the player can cite "pvp match #6884213-A" and the player who appeared to be affected by the bug was "flying a Klink Vor'Cha."

That tells the devs specifically which match to look at. It also tells them where to look in the logs. It's still on them to piece it together, but it bridges some of the gap between players and devs.