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Things that I have seen that can begin to help mend the bridges that have been broken with the PVP community and the Devs that makes me smile despite my current vacation in galaxies far far away:

Dev Hosted PVP events on HOLODECK. Not just Tribble. (Moar plz! Maybe even one Scheduled a Month. Eventually work in some kind of prize for a big game scale type tournament?)

Good communication from Devs both new and Vet.

Things that would help further repair those bridges:

Promises of Maps actually kept in a timely fashion. (We got promises of getting PVP Maps when the new Featured Series came out, but that was back in almost September-ish?)

Squashing of bugs and helping promote game balance from Tribble to Holodeck (Really annoying when a new Ship/Console/Race/etc that gets released on Tribble and only 24 hours later gets released to holodeck with limited time to test, and nearly no feed back heeded especially if there are bugs in that new option or fix that rises up.)

Fixing Ker'rat's buggy NPC Spawn issues (Where the NPC Borg ships constantly clutter and spawn in the Nodes) And then adding more Open PVP areas. (I know this was attempted in tests but never got released and no real reasons as to why this got pushed back..)

The above is at least my personal feelings on ways to at least reduce the venom that has been flowing in these parts of the forums. It's no fun to have to come on the forums to find more and more discent and anger towards the game that I do enjoy PVP in when I partake in it. Weither it's Ground or Space (Majoritively Space)

And to J-man, keep fighting for the Users there Tron.