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12-17-2011, 10:55 PM
If your Duty Officer roster is full, perhaps you can simply avoid doing Duty Officer recruitment assigments.

Alternatively or in addition, I suggest you dismiss white/common Duty Officers regularly as well as bound duty officers (which you cannot mail or sell or trade) to make room for more recuits.

You will receive 75 Dilithium Ore and 10 Recruitment XP for each dismissed Duty Officer, and you will regularly receive the recruitment assignments to get more and more free Duty Officers. Don't worry - those assignments reappear.

So keep Duty Ofifcers with good traits, such as logical and eidetic memory, and dump those with less valuable traits.

Personally, I get rid of almost all my Tellarites (stubbon little jerks ), and on my Fed characters, I generally dismiss aggressive and honorable Duty Officers, since such traits are generally not needed often in Federation Assignments.