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12-17-2011, 11:55 PM
Thanks for your reply!

Indeed I am aware of the fact that the MMO is a moving target, so what was true months ago may not be true anymore; but I would at least expect some sort of "introduction" that would show the player the basics.

Some info are well covered by the manual on the site, but other things like economy, crafting, where to go to do certain things, Klingon and PVP modes and so on, are lacking unless, as you said, you play and ask around or look on the forum

Imagine that I never crafted anything; started to play in beta and since then I just sold anything that I found on the exchange, making a decent amount of credits; maybe knowing a bit more about crafting would push me to give it a try (even if in the beginning you could live without crafting and still be happy; gotta check it now after the changes); maybe a new player may have the same questions about what to do and where to start

Thanks for the links, they are really useful and should help me to catch up with almost a year without playing Somehow started again to play the game and I am falling in love again with it (maybe the changes done lately, maybe I just didn't noticed the potential of the game.