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12-18-2011, 01:15 AM
Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
Well... as it has been said, hull repair helps and is my sci console of choice, too.
Also... is you use any... you can put the universal consoles into the sci slots (and at least the Borg console is IMO still worth using)

And just to troll a little:
You can also get that Jem'Hadar bug... It has just one of that sci slots, more engi slots and is amazingly cheap!
Just 100 Cp. Well may be 400 times 100 CP to get it, but it ultimatly costs just 100 CP. Great, isnt it? ^^
I did look at the Jem'Hader ship as it looks to have the perfect slot layout but I am going to wait for the Xmess C store sales which I will assume we will get. That and I might get very lucky with the free daily boxes. So far I settled for two universal consoles in the sci slots.