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# 1 Jem'Hadar Loadout
12-18-2011, 03:04 AM
So I got my Jem'Hadar ship last night and came to the realisation I wasn't really prepared for it.

I've been an Engineering Cruiser guy for the last few years so this was the first time I would really be switching over to an Escort.

I looked at the cannons it came with etc.. and the universal BOFF slots and my roster/spare inventory weapons weren't really appropriate so had to change up a bunch of things in order to kit it out decently. Since it's my first time doing so for an Escort however I'm not really confident I've done a decent job so I was wondering if others could take a look and offer some suggestions on how to improve it (mostly for damage-dealing PVP as opposed to the 'beam boat tank' I've been flying up to now)...

Lt Universal Slot (chose Science)
- Science Team 1
- Hazard Emitters 2

Lt Universal Slot (chose Engineering)
- Emergency Power to Shields 1
- Auxiliary Power to the Structural Integrity Field 1

Cmdr Tactical
- Beam Array Overload 1
- Torpedo High Yield 2
- Cannon Rapid Fire 2
- Attack Pattern Omega 3

Lt Cmdr Tactical
- Target Shields Subsystems 1
- Tactical Team 2
- Target Weapons Subsystems 3

Ensign Engineering
- Engineering Team 1

Then for weapons...

- Polaron Cannon XI
- Polaron Dual Cannons X
- Polaron Dual Cannonx X
- Quantum Torpedo Launcher X

- Polaron Beam Array X
- Polaron Beam Array X
- Quantum Torpedo Launcher X

Borg deflector/console/engines, Reman shields.