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12-18-2011, 05:02 AM
Originally Posted by Aerimus13 View Post
I have started using beams in the front turrets in the back a few days a go and I must say I like it. I tried a lot of combinations and was not satisfied with any of them. Torps in the front was a sad mistake when using BOP and will be until they get the BOP fixed. I want to get all the other fighters but I don't know where to buy them. I really like experimenting.
I really love the vo'quv but ever since the bop's first got broken with them there has been many statements that a fix is in the pipeline. Then this whole carrier command stuff is nice in theory but it just further has broken the already broken system and now I cannot even use this vo'quv at all every pet I try to use just will not attack any target. All they end up doing is hugging up the given target you choose for them to attack. I guess for those who wanted it nerfed they got what they want because its not even pve worth now. I have 6 kdf LG's and most of them I set up to use what were or now carrier type ships so now I got a bunch of characters I cannot use due to this problem. I don't really see many sales going through on the special c-store stuff for them if they cannot even be used to be honest.

As for where to buy them go to the shipyard and talk to the guy towards the right side that is a vendor and click on the carrier items. Theres like bops, fighters, orion slavers, shield healing drones, siphon pods, kar'fi stuff like their fighters and frigates... not sure if I missed any but lots of things to use if the system ever gets fixed for carriers.