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12-18-2011, 08:43 AM
Dunno why you use DCs instead of DHCs, they eat more energy due to rapid firing and do not deal more damage on the other hand which lowers your damage output.

3x DHC 1x Quantum
2x Turret 1x Quantum

TacCdr: CSV III, CSV II, APBeta, TacTeam1
TacLtCdr: TSpread III, TSpread II, TacTeam1
EngLt: ET 1, EptS2
SciLt: Polarize Hull 1, Hazard Emitters II
EngEns: EptS1

I use this for Borg stuff and general PvE. Sidenote, you can always use the single target versions of the tac skills if you prefer them. This is a SOLO setup. Tac Team 1 is some kind of "RSP for the poor".

Loadout: Borg Set maybe except Shield, I use the full set atm.
3x this Neutronium Mk XI Resist thing, Field Generator Mk XI
4 Tac Consoles for whatever you use.
Borg Console in the single Science slot.