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I have yet to respec my Fed science captain since the beginning of the season. So I have a fresh toon to build however I like and was wondering what advice Sci experts might have for an effective Sci build for running STF's.

I was planning on running with the LRSV-R but was also considering the Recon Sci for the additional firepower or the Star Cruiser for the tanking ability. I was toying with the idea of doubling up on torps in front and back with a beam array each. This would double the firing rate of torps and allow me to put more of my weapon power into Aux. Does anyone know if the Breen set bonus to Transphasic torps is still in place? A constant stream of rapid firing Transphasic's from the Defera mission might be an effective form of DPS for a sci. I was also thinking of doubling up on Grav wells to help control the mobs for the optional objectives, but with the LRSV-R I could use 3 Grav wells.

I'm least familiar with science builds and am thinking out loud. Any advice for an effective STF sci build would be greatly appreciated.