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12-18-2011, 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by Solar_Searcher
Point Noted. Can we get back on Topic now??
You know, on second thought, you are both absolutely wrong.

I do understand that Cryptic is a Business, and that they are doing this to make money.

That being said, I do understand when they have to Make An Impact, in their own way by charging an initial fee for a One Time Deal. I see that as the 580 for the First Pack of DOFF Slots. With that, they Slap Players in the Face, and Get Our Attention.....Now, My question to them is: "Why do you need to KEEP SLAPPING US?"

Second and Third DOFF Slot Packs Price, for the Same Toon, should be REDUCED. I, personally, would be willing to SETTLE for just over Half of the Initial, at around 300. At that, I would USE the CASH to Set Up all of my Toons. At the 580, I took the Face Slap ONCE for Each of the 8, But I will NOT Take a second or third Slap from Cryptic, or PW.

I do not bother with Captains Chairs, Uniforms, Ship Skins and things like that, as I do Not Roll Play. I do, However, Love the Game, and will put MY Money in it where it is Enjoyable to me.

If they refuse to lower the 580 to a more reasonable price for second and third pack of slots, then I will NOT Use Cash to fill out my roster slots, I will USE Stipend, and it WILL Take me over a year and a half to do the same thing I would do in TEN Minuets if they lowered the price to meet my request.