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12-18-2011, 08:54 PM
I guess you first need to decide if you want to fly science ships or cruisers. They need completely different playstyles and strategies.

But since you asked for a science build, I'll tell you that thus far the most useful BOFF powers I've found in STFs is tractor beam repulsors and gravity well. Tractor beam is also quite useful, though since it only affects 1 target at a time, it is not good enough on its own.

Tykens rift can also be useful, but really it needs to be part of a larger power drain strategy. The problem with Tykens is that the only useful thing it does is to drop a target's shields. However it does not do this quickly, nor does it last very long.

So you either need to use a number of powers to provide a sustained power drain like multiple target subsystem shield powers, possibly energy siphon, polaron weapons, etc, or you need to build towards capitalizing on the few moments that the shields are down with tricobalts. I don't suggest that, however, because the Borg in STFS have far too much HP to kill them with a single tricobalt, and then you are done for 30-60s.

You will of course want heals, transfer shield strength and hazard emitters are generally a must, in addition to engineering heals.

Some powers to avoid: Viral matrix is totally useless in PVE, don't even bother with it. Photonic shockwave isn't particularly valuable either. Because of the inflated HP the Borg shields have, tachyon beam and charged particle burst are also largely ineffective. Scramble sensors is also of extremely limited value in the new STFs since there are so many non-combatant borg to kill, and SS won't make them attack each other, as well the Borg are very resistant to scramble sensors anyway, making last about 50% as long as it should.

So ultimately you go for a shield power draining build, or you go for a repel/hold build, and I would heavily lean on the repel/hold build because it is far easier to do, and highly valuable given the way the optionals work in the STFs.

This means you are going to want gravity well and tractor beam repulsors in some combination. Your goal then should be to either gather Borg together in a gravity well to kill them, or push them back away from where they are trying to get to with tractor beam repulsors. Be careful when using TBR, you can easily push them the wrong way if you aren't paying attention.

Now what I have noticed, and I'm not 100% sure, but i believe that the Borg will not respawn until they are killed first. That means if all you do is push the probes back, way back, you don't need to worry about more spawning, just keep them from ever getting to their objective.

Hopefully that helps.