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12-19-2011, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by mikeybuur View Post
So here's an update on what I did eventually in case anyone is curious...
I'm now running all disruptor turrets, all the time. No torps at all and BoPs in the fighter bays.
Removed all the RCS consoles and I'm now running SIF and Shield bonuses mostly in their place and 2 disruptor bonuses in the Tact. slots

The VoQ handles like a pig *however* all the weapons are all on target 100% of the time and (frankly) stuff just melts.
If my opening move is timed well and on my terms (so I drop an AUX battery and then a gravity well and scramble sensors, open up with all guns, 4 BoPs and scatter volley, emerg.power to weps etc. it's complete carnage and I hardly have to manuever at all

*Really* glad I did it.
The BOP are currently broken and seldom attack any targets, how are you getting yours to work.

I've been using 5 Disruptor Turrets with 1 Quantum Torp up front and S'kul fighters in both bays and I've had no problems.

Gravity well 3 was weakend a bit with the last 2 Holo updates but it still does the job I use it for quite well.

The S'kul fighters respond 100% to the commands but they still won't fire on the large gates found on some of the STFs.