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12-19-2011, 10:05 AM
Or one could try this on a Science Toon and a B'rel;

(2) DBBs (disruptor/tetryons/phasers)
(1) Quantum torpedo
(1) Chroniton torpedo
(1) rear beam array
(1) Bio Nueral warhead

Commander: THY1 / TT2 / BtsS: 3 / ApB3
LT: HE1 / TSS2
LT: ST1 / FBP1 (becuase its fun to everybody scatter when this goes off)


Commander: ET1 / EPTS2/ EPTS3/ A2Sif3
LTC: THY1 / TT2 / BtsS:3
LT: HE 1 / TSS2
LT: THY1 / BtsS:2

I'm partial to the second build. Could be fun on a B'rel if BtsS 2/3 works worth a darn at lowering shields and can be cycled with THY1 (x2).