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12-19-2011, 11:43 AM
actuyll there IS supposed to be something orange on the nacelles, it's not orange ingame, and on TV you never see it look orange, because it's dark in space and the glowy bits around it always blend a bit, so... not sure if OK



...oh and the Galaxy Class still is sub par compared to many other Ships, i REALLY want Crpytic to redo this one.
keep the Saucer that Captain Logan re-made, but redo all the rest please.

The Nacelles lack any detail, the Neck has the wrong shape, not to mention that the main hull and the struts don't connect properly

etc. etc.

but why put effort into something that doesn't produce MOAR $$$?

also... the bad excuse that Ships have a Polygon budget and that the Galaxy Class has maxed it out... kinda went out the Window with the Venture Class, i mean only look a the Deflector Dish on that Ship...