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12-19-2011, 01:27 PM
I don't see any harm in them to be fair, at least they're from the same IP lol. In all honesty, the game has absolutely no continuity as far as technology being used. We've got D'Kyrs fighting alongside Sovreigns and Excelsiors. We have the NX-01 fighting with Mirandas and Centaurs. People wear whatever uniform (uni - one) which isn't very uniform like. I have some characters in TOS uniforms, others in TNG and then I made one up for my VA in his Venture.

This game is pretty much about how the player wants his or her Trek to look like. You want TOS? Awesome fly the Connie with the TOS bridge and have an awesome time. Want something like TNG? Get in the Galaxy and do it that way, or hell if you want to make up your own species entirely and do things your way it's all possible.

I fail to understand how this could effect the game in any way at all. If anything it would be a really nice addition, I would bet that these would be quite popular if they were brought into the game. I know I'd be flying the Excelsior again in no time wouldn't hesitate to drop the Venture refit!

So, Cryptic... any word at all? Even if it's a no, could someone at least just make a quick comment so we can put this topic to rest? It's been brought up a few times so I would say it warrants consideration no?