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12-19-2011, 02:24 PM
Originally Posted by Koppenflak
The light and shadow mapping in a game engine is going to be less sophisticated than something that is pre-rendered for film. Optimization of shadows is an incredibly intensive process, and so it's highly likely that the depth-map shadows are using a lower resolution filter. (We know already that the shadow mapping in STO is horrible... Next time you're flying under an asteroid, take note of the jagged lines cast over your hull. The evidence is there.)

In other words: all you're seeing is the light from the impulse drive reflecting off the Bussard collector's trailing edge.
So the other 2 nacelles were rendered properly and/or lack the reflective strip?

Or must be a pretty unique reflection bug to only show at that specific angle...

and only on that pic, not in game...

I would personally also describe it as a rendering issue rather then "just light reflection." Which implies it should be there...

I would think a still pic on the main page could/should be cleaned up at least as well as in game.