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12-19-2011, 02:29 PM
I wanted to say thanks again for this guide, it's been hugely helpful.

I will say one thing, which I'll comment on tonight after some testing. I tried out one of the sugested builds and found that while it was effective, it wasn't quite for me. I definitely had been underestimating the effectiveness of AoE attacks like Torp Spread, but found that - for me, anyway - going 100% AOE with TS and CSV didn't feel right.

There were times it was great, but there were also some times where I was taking on a single ship, or a Tac cube, or didn't want to aggro everything in the galaxy that I wished I were a bit more effective in single-target killing.

So I think I'm going to tweak the build just a little bit. I'll have to play with it tonight but right now thinking of training Rapid Fire 3 as my top skill, taking AP:Omega 1 largely for the use escaping Borg tractor beams, and replacing one of my two torp spreads with a high yield.

It'll obviously sacrifice a bit of the ability to 'spam' AoE attacks, but I think for my style of play having a single decent level version of Spread and Scatter Volley for group situations and a version of Rapid Fire and High Yield for the times I'm faced with one big target I want to kill faster will be a good trade off.

At least the rapid fire, anyway. If someone can show with maths that a single target taking a torpedo spread still takes more damage than it eating high yield I'd have to consider that.