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12-19-2011, 03:11 PM
Mixing single target skills with the spread skills is perfectly fine, especially if you are a tac captain with the bridge officer recharge skill.

Some more notes on the shield layouts:

I haven't been able to do much testing this weekend due to internet issues, but here are some conclusions I've come to...

The Borg Regen Shield setup is really good, but it has some drawbacks.

1) Your shields CONSTANTLY fluctuate, and sometimes drop for a split second during heavy combat allowing some hull damage to penetrate.

2) Its hard to tell exactly what your shields will do in response to an attack at time, and its hard to react quick enough with your skills like Brace for Impact seeing as its less obvious when your shields might be breached.

3) If your Emergency Power to shield skills are not up, your shields drop fast and you die quickly. This leads me to think point-and-click skill users will not like this setup, as they have to be VERY vigilant with their BO skills.

High-cap shields give you a more "progressive" shield loss, you can visually see your shields start to slowly go down, especially when Tactical Team is active. Its easy to know WHEN you need to use a BO ability like Brace for Impact or Transfer Shield Strength because your sheilds are changing at a steady rate.

Also, with Tactical Team and a high-cap shield, if you are taking LOTS of damage from just one shield facing, it will transfer and fill up your shields on that facing to 100% at the expense of draining the other facings. This doesn't seem to happen with the Borg Regen setup due to the lower cap and higher regen rate (having all your shields transferring to the one shield facing thats taking damage means you won't be taking hull damage from that direction anytime soon).

IMO, The MACO MK XI shield is better than the Aegis shield! While using a higher-cap Resilient shield like the MACO shield, I noticed I was taking far less hull damage while my shields are up. Even with the shields up at any point I generally notice 10-15% damage to my hull in heavy combat, perhaps more with kinetic impacts. Not so with the resilient shields! I could maintain 100% hull strength up to the point when my shields would fail.

The Fleet Escort is the best defensive Escort (next to the Jem'Hadar bug of course).

With the Fleet Escort running 2x Emergency Power to Shields 1, and 1x Reverse Shield Polarity, I can maintain my shields under almost any STF situation excluding the Elite Borg Tac cube. This is with using the MACO or Aegis shield, but it works with the Borg Regen setup too. The ability to use TWO Emergency power to shields AND Reverse Shield Polarity means you have a "Panic button" (RSP) and constantly have a shield resist going with higher shield power.

The downside is the loss of a hold skill, but you can still use the grappler, tractor mines or the borg shields to get the extra tractor skill if need be.