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12-19-2011, 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by Crooked_Wookie
I wanted to say thanks again for this guide, it's been hugely helpful.

I will say one thing, which I'll comment on tonight after some testing. I tried out one of the sugested builds and found that while it was effective, it wasn't quite for me. I definitely had been underestimating the effectiveness of AoE attacks like Torp Spread, but found that - for me, anyway - going 100% AOE with TS and CSV didn't feel right.
I use both CSV and CRF. I have equivalent set ups on 2 BOs. I just swap them in between combat depending on the situation. For example, in Cure, if I am protecting the Kang, I use CSV. When we are down to the carrier, I switch to CRF. Same for KA. CSV before Donatra comes out, CRF after.