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12-19-2011, 08:52 PM
i am using my toon that i have had and been working with for about 400-450 days, and now im stuck in gamma orinios... i have tried all the little tricks i found on here and i get nothing but couldnt transfer character and then i get to go to the logon screen, how nice... i am not just going to abandon my toon, cause i have manythings i cant get with my other toon due to season 5 locks(mainly i am not giving up my exploration cruiser refit) i cant just shell out money to rebuy things because that is how cryptic has decided to have there buisness model. how can i get help? there seems to be no one who works at cryptic that has any power to fix anything or even look at the problems people have... what if all of the PAYING subscribers didnt have time to pay the company? or didnt have time to pay any attention to cryptic at all? would they care then? i and most other people on here belive they still wouldnt care... you need us when we have money, but after we pay, then we dont exsist to you. i am sick of being ignored. i just want to play the game and not be cheated out of half of the things that are in the game.