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12-20-2011, 12:52 AM
Originally Posted by CivilPhil
If you enjoyed even a part of the time you spent playing this game then it was not a waste Davey. It may not have been a good return on your investment (in your opinion), but that does not inherently make it a waste.

Mirror-master makes an excellent point - At the launch of S5, it seemed that a large portion of the player base had no idea what was going on. Plus, many of them did not care.

This is where, I think, Cryptic gets the idea of the vocal minority. Let's say they have 100,000 accounts (not subs, accounts). If they register 100 unique complaints about topic X (not just the same 5 people over and over) in the forums, that is 0.001%. Granted, more than 100 are probably upset about topic X and don't bother with the forums, but when the VAST majority doesn't appear to care, why would Cryptic bother making anything but minor tweaks?

While Katic makes some very good points regarding PR, tactics, and choice, the underlying issue that this (and many other arguments against F2P and related changes) is predicated on is: The previous financial model was sustainable.

Based on what I've read about Cryptic, Atari, PW, and all those shenannigins . . . . I am not convinced that it was.

I also think the failure of the nameless hordes of MMO's before STO is testament to the fact that subscription based MMO's are difficult to make and keep sustainable.

Corollary - the success of several F2P MMO's suggests that a F2P model is sustainable.

As a player who wants STO to continue for many years to come (decades if possible), I understand and accept that changes may have not only been needed, but required to ensure its survival. I prefer survival in nearly any form to wholesale loss.

I prefer to live in the world of the real and the possible, rather than the ideal and dream. Is STO my ideal Star Trek game? No. Is it one that I still enjoy playing with my friends? Yes.

Do I care if they are trying to manipulate players using double speak? Since I recognize it as such . . . no, not really. I'm aware of the tricks marketers/PR use to get people to think X and do Y and I don't care. If I were to get mad about what Cryptic is doing then I should also get mad at my local grocery store for putting the Milk in the back. It's the same #$$%ing thing, tricking us into buying more by making us pass by all the other isles and see the "specials" and "deals" as we walk to back for the milk.

I ain't gonna go yell at my local grocer over that. :p

Time will tell if Cryptic made the right choice in moving to a F2P with the elements it currently has (DL grind, c-store, crafting issues, etc). I for one, will keep playing (if not paying [lifetimer] until I not longer find it fun.

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