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12-20-2011, 01:22 AM
Originally Posted by Mirror-Master
... Nor do I defend STOked on it's recent decision to be a "positive fan show only". (I'd rather see issues reported on from all angles - negative, positive and in between.)
I agree with you, don't get me wrong I listen to Jupiter STOKED religiously, however; I'm stumped at the recent stances the Podcast has taken - Though I now understand why STOKED is sticking strictly to a fanboy policy - its due to all the love Cryptic is showing them along with the fact that JMan is their inside man., even though he is not allowed to speak on record with the STOKED team.

Originally Posted by Mirror-Master
But it's unfair to accuse Jeremy of "using his dev status to hook a buddy up" which I'm sure is against Cryptic Employee Policy. Jupiter Fleet is large and for all we know it was a gift from a fleet member or some friend other than Jeremy. If Cryptic wants to investigate that's up to them, but it's honestly no one's business where he got the ship or if he chooses to use it himself or promote STOked with it.
Devs from WOW, GW etc.. do the same for friends and neighbors, as long as the item, um hum.... as long as the item is not a gamebreaking item. The JMan has been Chris partner for a long time in his Podcast days, and since Jupiter STOKED is the non-official spokeperson for STO - it wouldn't suprise me if they get some cool goodies and recognition.

What would be considered unfair and ugly if certain members of Cryptic hooking up Jupiter Force fleet members & their leaders etc... then we can see this is a problem. Its bad enough and somewhat shady that Chris received one, its just unknown who gave to him.

(Note: I am not saying that Cryptic is supporting a specific fleet, merely friends hooking others up - happens with all MMO's)