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12-20-2011, 02:17 AM
Originally Posted by Askray View Post
I agree it's frustrating sometimes, but coming on the forums isn't the way to voice that complaint. Honestly if you have problems with PR there are easy ways to go about it (as in go up the food chain) via e-mails.
We have done that. We have tried "going higher" as you suggest. Absolutely nothing. Not a single response. No replies to any email, private message in-game (if we happen to see one one), hell we've tried calling their offices directly, no go.

Tell me, what do you do when you've gone as high up the chain as you can get, and the entire way up you get zero responses each and every way up the ladder of authority figures? Continue to email them in vain hopes that maybe, just maybe, they might reply with the word "no"? We can't even get that much.

I agree, SSR has put a lot out there as well. But that is not the lynch pin of our, dissatisfaction here. Go look at the news posts on the front page, how many times does STOked get a mention? Or Priority One? Even Podcast UGC gets more and now the newer podcasts like Tribbles in Ecstasy get mentioned? SSR also gets mentions far more. If it was a "one time" ordeal I'd easily agree with you and brush it off. But it's a recurring theme that has been going on for almost two years now.

Yes, it may seem "complainy" but at what point do you find it acceptable to wait? How many nails in the proverbial coffin do you need before you yourself would get fed up? Two of the major podcasts now have previous show members who work for them now.. All the podcasts except us get this extremely rare item everyone and their mother wants (which is blatantly singling us OUT), we get zero responses going on years worth of emails, calls, etc. At what point do you say "enough is enough" at being treated like this?

Trust me I wanted to say something about these things long, long ago. But we kept quiet. We didn't want to air "dirty laundry" out there but as I said originally the free rare ship was the straw that broke it. Can you not understand how, literally depressing it is to see every other podcast get some type of recognition and we get, nothing? We don't want a free ship. We don't want jobs there, but a simple "hey we know you do what you do" or a response to an email, would be enough. We aren't even respected enough to get that much.

People who have the least popular jobs in real life, dish washers, trash men, janitors, get more respect at what they do than what we've received from Cryptic in doing our podcast. When the guy who cleans the toilets at your place of work gets more recognition than someone loving and promoting your game can, you don't think that is not wrong?