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12-20-2011, 03:47 AM
Originally Posted by masterkamp
yeah that was what i meand. atari want to bring it in the game but cryptic doesn't want it becouse than they can't make money out of it.
This is just silly. Atari wanted to milk STO for all it was worth. They weren't heroes who wanted the game to be great but got stopped by the "evil money-grubbing Cryptic". The opposite is true.

I imagine that if Atari had not sold Cryptic for a quick buck, these things would have happened:

We not have free to play.

All the pay to win ships and items would've been added anyway.

We would have the dilithium system, except that dilithium could only be bought with C-Store points, not sold for C-store points.

^^ That is what Atari would have done if they didn't sell Cryptic. If Atari had created a "starship builder" program for STO, you can bet they'd have jumped at the idea of charging players to use it.