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12-20-2011, 05:19 AM
Originally Posted by mavgeek View Post
So this will earn an infraction most likely. I used to care about that because I love the forums and I want to keep myself in good standing with it. But if Borticus is the Tron that fights for the users, RSA has always been the ones who fight for the community.
I've always enjoyed RSA, and have even given donations to your show.
Though I have often wondered why RSA podcasts never had a Dev or other community rep from Cryptic on or had special interviews and the like.
Sad really, RSA has always been critical of STO, but I have always thought such critical assesments where needed to offset the often overly kind portrayol of STO by other shows and I have always liked RSA as a part of my overall look into the comming and goings of STO as a whole.

But if Star trek has taught me one thing, its that nobody cares for the red shirt whom does the dying while the Big heroes take the glory and fame.
I hope this does not signal the end of your show or its honest contributions to the STO community.