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12-20-2011, 04:22 AM
Chris and gang will receive one
Well I've not had anything from Cryptic and as far as I'm aware no one in Jupiter Force or the STOked team has received anything from Cryptic either least of all the bugship and if this isn't the case then where's my bugship? Some in the fleet have gained their bugships through purchasing packages from the c store, some off the exchange (one lucky sod got one for 5million EC) and some got theirs through gifts sent by other people either fleetmates or fans of the show because some people amazingly had the kindness to a gift of appreciation. People like Chris will get singled out and mailed a present because they are the head guy and if you could only send a single gift thanking STOked then you'd send it to the head person not the person who mopped the floor so to speak, that's the perk of being host.

I've not spent a cp on the winter package and am likely not to. I'd love to get the bugship but won't throw away money on a 'chance' to get something. If Cryptic is really giving away bugships to the STOked team I'll put in a ticket saying I got missed off their bugship list and their festive card list (well they did forget my stipend so who knows maybe).

Seriously I've pretty much accepted I won't get one and moved on the moment I read that it was only a chance to win it which was in the first few minutes of it going on the c store and the idea Cryptic would do this on a large scale some of you are implying is inconceivable though I can hedge bets those that are suspicious won't believe me so nothing anyone says is likely to change that.