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12-20-2011, 05:25 AM

I've always enjoyed RSA, and have even given donations to your show.
Though I have often wondered why RSA podcasts never had a Dev or other community rep from Cryptic on or had special interviews and the like.
Sad really, RSA has always been critical of STO, but I have always thought such critical assesments where needed to offset the often overly kind portrayol of STO by other shows and I have always liked RSA as a part of my overall look into the comming and goings of STO as a whole.

But if Star trek has taught me one thing, its that nobody cares for the red shirt whom does the dying while the Big heroes take the glory and fame.
I hope this does not signal the end of your show or its honest contributions to the STO community.

thanks for the kind words. Its folks like yourself is one reason i do this show. I just hope Cryptic can see that