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12-20-2011, 05:41 AM
Really? Now we're turning this into a conspiracy? Suggesting that Jman or anyone else at Cryptic flat out gave Chris a ship (based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever) is borderline libel and extremely disappointing. There's no reason to doubt Chris's word that he got a landslide of gifts from his fleet and his fans.

I'm saddened by this line of thinking and the petty jealousy over this ship. Don't ruin a nice thing for him.

Edited after the thread exploded and Cryptic said they did give these out to podcasters: I have no issues with this at all. For the record, I have yet to win the ship and I certainly want one (a lot!) but I'm 100% in support of them giving these to whomever they wish, let alone someone like Chris. In my opinion, he deserves one and has earned it - I doubt I would have gotten as into the game as I have had it not been for STOked. I realize many will disagree with me and that's fine and expected. Just be aware not everyone sees this as some huge slap in the face, quite the contrary.