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12-20-2011, 04:46 AM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Now if he got the JAF because he had connections on the inside, then it really is a slap to the face of the community of thousands of players who spent lots of money and ended up with nothing. (I feel terrible for those poor souls who literally spent hundreds of dollars and still ended up with nothing).
Even that does not bother me. (just to be clear this is hypothetical) even if they actively gave chris a free ship the guy has spent the best part of 2 years doing a video podcast that will no doubt take a huge amount of his time and effort on a regular basis, be a tremendous boost for cryptic to have someone promote it in such a great way and he even travelled what? 1900 miles to go see them. i would not begrudge him that ship if thats what they have done.

this is Christmas after all. its no skin of my nose and hardly a slap in the face if someone has does something nice for someone else for their hard work. and yes ive spent a fair chunk of change trying to get that ship myself.

either way its total speculation.